Cloth diapers are an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to disposable diapers. They consist of a waterproof outer layer and a moisture-absorbent inner layer, and can be fastened with snaps or velcro.

There are several types of cloth diapers available, including:
Flat diapers: These are single-layer rectangles of fabric that are folded and fastened around the baby’s waist. They are the most affordable option but require the most folding and fastening.

Prefold diapers: These are similar to flat diapers but have multiple layers sewn together, with the most absorbent layer in the middle. They are more expensive than flat diapers but require less folding and fastening.

Fitted diapers: These are shaped like disposable diapers and have elastic around the legs and waist. They are more expensive than prefold diapers but require the least folding and fastening.

All-in-one diapers: These are similar to fitted diapers but have the absorbent layer sewn in, making them the most convenient option, but also the most expensive.

Pocket Diapers : it is a two-part system with a waterproof outer shell and a stay-dry inner lining. An opening in the shell allows you to stuff the inner lining with absorbent inserts.

The advantages of using cloth diapers include:
They are more environmentally friendly than disposable diapers, as they can be washed and reused.

They are less expensive in the long run than disposable diapers, as you can use them for multiple babies.

They come in a wide variety of fun colors and patterns.

Some parents find that babies who wear cloth diapers experience fewer diaper rashes and other skin irritation.

One major disadvantage to cloth diapering is the laundry, as cloth diapers need to be washed and dried regularly, which can be quite a bit of work.
Another important factor to keep in mind is, finding the right fit and absorbency level for your baby as babies come in different sizes and stages.

Overall, cloth diapering is a great alternative to disposable diapers, and it’s worth considering if you’re looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to diaper your baby.