iLife Plant Multi-Function Cleaner

Product Name

  • iLife Plant Multi-Function Cleaner


  • iLIFE

Product Description

  • Raw Liquid + Diluent Combo (Halal-Certified)
  • Green environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, high quality & low price.
  • No fluorescent agent, non toxic, no pigmentation, no hormones, no preservatives, no fragrance, no heavy metals, no lead, no mercury, harmless natural plant products.
  • It is formulated with no harmful chemicals and for cleaning kitchen tools, appliances and sinks as well! Use with confidence.

Main Ingredients:

Purified water, Plant extract, Sea water extract, Coconut oil surfactant.

Scope of Application

  • All kinds of fruits and vegetables, dish towels, cutting boards, tableware, refrigerators, microwave ovens, household items, fabric sofas, glass, ceramics, children’s toys, floors, etc., watches, gold and silver jewellery, car interiors, steering wheels, car gears and other surfaces clean.
  • When washing vegetables, be sure to spray and soak them with green leafy fruits and vegetables, which can remove more than 99% of pesticide residues.


  • Weight/Quantity: 2x500ml
  • 1x500ml concentrated
  • 1x500ml diluted, ready to use


SGD13.60 + SGD14.50 voucher



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