Kardli Multi-Function Electrolytic Water

Product Name

  • Kardli Multi-Function Electrolytic Water


  • Kardli

Product Description

  • Newly Patented Multi-Function Water. Create The New Clean Age
  • Multi-function electrolytic water is a new clean product produced by electrolysis using the newly patented technology in Japan, which mainly contains water
  • Multi-functional, highly effective, environmentally friendly and safe

Product Features

  • Patented Japanese technology
  • Contains highly charged negative ions (pH 13)
  • Antibacterial function
  • Removes stubborn stains easily
  • Removes oil stain, pesticide residue and smells
  • Great for cleaning ovens and cooker hoods
  • Absorbs formaldehyde
  • Highly recommended to clean watches, jewellery, and electronic devices
  • Not suitable for leather and silk


  • Weight/Quantity: 300ml


SGD13.60 + SGD14.50 voucher



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