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You can save even more on all products after you enrolled as a member.

How to Join Green Lifetime Membership:
1. One-time SGD490 purchase of Green Gift package. You get to choose ONE of four (4) Member Gift Packages shown below.
2. Fill in Member Application Form
3. Make payment with a receipt of your bank transfer for verification
4. You will receive your member ID and login to your Green account. You will be notified to collect your Member Welcome Pack after registration.
5. You are free to purchase product at discounted prices. A SGD2100 FREE E-voucher will be embedded to your account.

Beauty Package

NMN Youth Enhancement Package

As member, you save by purchasing products at a lower than the usual retail price. You are free to choose to be a consumer or share high quality products among your friends and family to enjoy referral bonus.


Only Members Enjoy Exclusive Prices