The Importance of Using Eco Friendly Detergents

Millions of gallons of household water seeps back into the ground after use. This water contains chemicals from bleaches, detergents and synthetic colors and fragrances which threaten the environment. These unnatural substances are not biodegradable and therefore build up in the underground water table and end up contaminating the ecosystem.

It is therefore important to use eco friendly detergents that are bio degradable and safe for the environment. Eco friendly detergents are both safe for the environment and safe for your family. Use plant based detergents that are not harmful.

Look out for ingredients that are not safe and avoid fragrances as they contain chemicals that may lead to bad health. Synthetic chemicals not only no no and contaminate the environment, but also cause skin irritation and other health risks. Homemade cleaning solutions such as water mixed with lemon juice or baking soda and vinegar have long proven their effectiveness. For stain removal, soak fabrics in water with either borax, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar. Luckily there is a wide variety of eco friendly detergents available on the market these days for consumers to use.

Consumers interested in helping the environment should look at ingredients, not slogans. He says “Just because a product says it is natural doesn’t mean it is non-toxic”. Often labels with the word “Bio” can be misleading. They do not necessarily mean that the product contains no chemicals. So consumers are asked to carefully check labels before purchasing a product.

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From time to time our drinking water has been affected, causing a multitude of problems. Every person should consider the implications of using chemical based cleaners before buying them. In this day and age, people now have a choice.


Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent – 6 Easy Tips to Getting A Green Clean

The green movement gains strength everyday and makes finding an eco friendly cleaner easier for the average consumer. Traditional laundry detergents have come under fire in recent years for some of the harmful ingredients they use to get your clothes clean and green companies are coming up with solutions. Below are 5 easy tips for finding a eco friendly cleaner to replace your traditional laundry detergent.

1. Ingredients are of utmost importance. In order to qualify as an eco friendly cleaner, the detergent must not contain ingredients harmful to the earth. Phosphates, which can cause massive algal blooms in waterways that mess with ecosystems by robbing the water and aquatic life of all-important oxygen, have all but been removed from laundry detergents. Obviously any eco friendly cleaner worth its weight in dirty clothes will be free of phosphates, chlorine, petroleum chemicals, but as always make sure you check the label.

Unfortunately the burden of finding product ingredients often falls to the consumer as many large companies frequently choose not to list all product ingredients. A more complete list of contents can often be found by calling the toll free information number usually found on the product label.

2. Make sure the eco friendly cleaner you’re contemplating is both septic safe and gray water safe. It should also be 100 percent biodegradable and contain only nonpolluting ingredients, especially the surfactants (agents used for wetting and cleaning and contained in all laundry detergents).

3. A true eco friendly cleaner will have a neutral pH balance. The rating of 7 is generally considered a neutral pH. A neutral pH is generally kinder to sensitive skins.

4. The detergent should be plant-based as well. An eco friendly cleaner derived from plants will contain no hazardous chemicals or petroleum constituents and they are also more friendly to allergy prone people.

5. An eco friendly cleaner is most often available in concentrated form. By removing excess amounts of needless water, the green cleaners reduce the weight and therefore the cost of shipping and packaging. This cost saving can then hopefully be passed along to the consumer.

6. No animal testing or animal ingredients are ever used on an eco friendly cleaner.

But how does an eco friendly cleaner compare to your regular laundry detergent? The answer is, very well. The results of course will vary depending on what your wash requirements are, but some of the earth friendly manufacturers like Seventh Generation and Ecover produce laundry detergents that clean equally if not better than their non-eco friendly cleaner competition.

The industry’s direction in recent years has been toward green products, not away and this trend will only help to create better, less expensive, eco friendly cleaners in the future.

Still not sure the best way to go green in your laundry room? Take a look at some more eco friendly cleaners for your laundry room.



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