Green Products

When you hear the term green products most people think about, and what comes to mind, usually are products that are associated with the environment. Society thinks of products that are good for the environment and environmentally friendly as green products. People today, generally speaking, are more environmentally minded than they were in years past. This is based primarily on what is going on with big business and corporations and how these companies can affects our lives unexpectedly.

I am sure all of you have heard of instances where some chemical company or other type company has had some chemicals leak into a nearby stream, lake or river and cause unbelievable damage to wildlife and natural Eco-systems in that area. Or a company has dumped some containers filled with chemicals that have leaked into the ground water and caused higher rates of cancer for the local residents. You only must wonder why or how these companies could let this happen. Why couldn’t these companies use more green ingredients and create green products that are environmentally friendly than these damaging and cancer causing components.

Another area which is of great concern is our household environment. We all have used cleaning products like bleach that are damaging to skin and our lungs. There are many cleaning products out there that are potentially very damaging to our health. If you have looked at the labels many say things like: can cause skin damage, don’t let this liquid contact your eyes, and breathing in the fumes can be damaging and have proper ventilation. This all should be taken very seriously because these products, daily and over time, maybe hurting us unnecessarily. There are green products available that use ingredients that are natural and cause no damage to your health.

Also a person who is environmentally aware should be concerned with plastic and the amount being used in containing their product. People should purchase products that are concentrated because it saves in many ways. The container used can be smaller saving in the amount of plastic which is made of oil. It saves on amount of fossil fuels used and the carbon footprint it makes. Green products make a big difference.

All products we use in the home should be of the green product type. We should be aware of what ingredients go into our household products. This includes cleaning products, personal care products like shampoos, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, vitamins and supplements we use. Also over the counter pharmaceutical products should be of concern as well. Women who use cosmetics should be aware of the ingredients that are used in making these products. They put these products on their skin, lips and eyes and they should be sure they can trust the company that makes their products and all their household green products. The company that makes these products should have a long and trusted history.