Recession Proof Business

A recession proof business is one in which during times of a slowing economy doesn’t slow down. It continues to prosper because it contains consumer products that are needed in good times or bad. A perfect example of this type of business would be a supermarket because people need to buy food no matter what. They may buy more or more expensive foods when times are good but everyone must eat in good times and bad. Supermarkets not only carry food they carry other products that everyone uses on a daily basis.

Also in supermarkets are other recession resistant business type products like shampoo, deodorant, skin care products and soap. These products need to be bought every month depending on the size of your family or every couple months. Other types of recession proof products are women’s cosmetics that women purchase constantly and consistently. These products maybe eyeliner, blush or lipstick.

Other recession proof products are nutritional supplements that people use to make sure they are getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals in their diets. Products like one a day vitamins, arthritis pills and fish oil are popular products. Household cleaning products are also examples of recession proof business type products. People just won’t stop cleaning and needing cleaning products like laundry detergent, stain removers, dish washing liquid and tub and tile cleaners when people are cutting back on their vacation spending and when money gets tight because of expensive gas at the pump.

Also found at a supermarket are over the counter pharmaceuticals which are also recession proof business products. Items like pain reliever, acne medications, allergy and cold medicines are big sellers and everyone purchases items like these because of the constant need.

A near perfect type recession proof business is a business that has a large group of products people can purchase in one place that they need on a consistent monthly and daily basis. A business like this will usually beat a company that has only one or two products that people may or may not use monthly and products that are overly expensive in comparison. Finding the perfect recession resistant business is very difficult to find, but if you happen to find one that appeals to a wide audience of people it can be worth its weight in gold. There are not too many businesses that can fall into the category of being a recession proof business.